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Mint Kitchen Group Project 3

The owners of the featured kitchen were keen to make their own mark on their home, which in this case meant acknowledging their passion for all things vintage. Although they created their home from the blank canvas of a cleared warehouse, the kitchen had to emulate and connect with their vision for the other rooms while accommodating their collection of retro furnishings.

The design of the kitchen had to connect loved pieces with modern appliances and brand new fittings. As the aesthetics of the space was a priority, the kitchen also had to appeal to the practical nature of its engineer owner with its functionality.

Built by Mint Kitchen Group in conjunction with designer Jasmine McClelland, the kitchen takes an inventive approach to the challenge of angled walls and suspended overheads while meeting the specific aesthetic requests.

The angled wall features a veneer that accentuates the tones and craftsmanship of the homeowners’ retro Danish furniture. Despite its function as a boundary to the stairwell, it also doubles beautifully as a pantry and space to accommodate the fridge.

The stylish cabinetry is completed by a retro-green splashback and black overheads. The colour scheme chosen for the kitchen reflects the tastes of the owners while ensuring it stands out against the old red brick found throughout the house.

A structural achievement to win any engineer’s respect, the suspended overhead cabinets use a combination of reinforced glass and dividing partitions to ensure they remain sound. The result is cabinetry that encourages light and creates the feeling of open space, drawing the eye beyond the cupboards to the spectacular rooftop view framed by a large sash window.

While the kitchen’s design ticks all the right boxes, it is also highly functional thanks to the quality fittings and hardware used. Blum soft-close drawers and hinges ensure the cupboards open and close with ease. The use of Caesarstone 40mm Aris edge benchtops in ‘Mangrove’ ensures the kitchen is stylish and hardwearing.


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