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Mint Kitchen Group Project 2

A love of retro-Danish style was the guiding principle for this kitchen’s renovation and it was essential that the changes blended effortlessly with the late deco features throughout the rest of the home.

The homeowners’ love of design meant that balancing function and form was also of high priority, and through clever design Mint Kitchen Group’s designer, Jasmine McClelland was able to transform this home’s most problematic space into a stylish living area.

The kitchen’s intractable relationship with the adjoining living space meant that instead of being a comfortable cooking area, it served as a thoroughfare to the rest of the home.

Mint Kitchen Group’s designer overcame this problem by seamlessly merging the kitchen cabinetry and the living room bookcase. The bookcase emerges from the kitchen and flows into the living space, melding the two spaces.

The kitchen’s structure posed another limitation to be conquered. Its high ceilings and narrow walls made it difficult to furnish and provided an uninviting welcome for guests. To address this, the designer created slimline overhead cabinetry that accommodates all utensils and appliances.

The bold colours selected for the cabinetry reflect light and contrast with the rest of the room, adding a touch of modernity to the traditional design sensibilities.

Above all else, the kitchen is made more special by the joyful response from the homeowners, who now describe the experience of cooking together as a dance rather than a wrestle.

The staff at Mint Kitchen Group has more than 100 years combined experience in custom designing kitchens. In all its projects the company stands by its promise to create kitchens and bathrooms that meet the highest standards of style, function and durability.


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