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Real Flame Project 1

Real Flame’s star-rated, high-efficiency gas fireplaces are designed to heat large areas extremely effectively, while still maintaining a great flame pattern. The decorative fires offer minimal heat while exuding dazzling style and are perfect for the design-savvy home. Backed by more than three decades of experience, Real Flame is involved in thousands of projects each year and supplies products to homes and businesses all around Australia and New Zealand. There are many fireplace options available at Real Flame to suit any home. Options range from classic and traditional to contemporary and modern, and are all designed, researched, developed and built in Australia.

All Real Flame products are meticulously finished with only the highest-quality materials and incorporate the latest in flame-failure and oxygen-depletion systems to ensure your home is safely heated. Best described as innovative, the company’s products create a wonderful ambience, are reliable, and are great value for money. Above all, Real Flame’s gas fireplaces are on the cusp of cutting-edge design. The revolutionary development of the Real Flame ‘Power Flue System’ in 2004 has empowered the business to overcome many architectural challenges, and has allowed open-fronted fires to be installed into ground floors of twostorey homes, high-rise apartments, and many commercial projects. This innovative development allows open-fronted fires to be flued in horizontal or vertical configurations of up to 13.5m with four bends. Longer flue runs can be achieved and are subject to approval by the Real Flame technical department.

The sleek Element 1200 fireplace shown on page 242 is the latest invention by Real Flame, and is currently one of the most efficient fireplaces on the Australian market. With an impressive energy-efficiency rating of up 5.2 stars, this design will ensure your home is heated without affecting the environment or your savings. The fireplace is compatible with multiple gas types, however LPG and ULPG are required for optimum energy efficiency. Using the latest in power-balanced flue technology, the Element 1200 enables flexible installation. Multimedia options include a standard remote with Wi-Fi capability and app control. The fireplace is not only energy-efficient, but has a beautiful flame pattern that is impressive and consistent.

Available in three designs to complement any home, the Element 1200 is available in a black or stainless-steel finish. The frameless aesthetic of the 18mm Profile Trim can easily integrate into any home. The 50mm trim option will create a frame for your fireplace, which means it can be customised to suit your space. With a choice between driftwood, pebbles, or log and coal media, the Element 1200 is perfect for any space. In 2014, Real Flame released an entire range of new outdoor fires for the landscape architect or designer. Available in three different shapes, six different sizes, and five different media types, there is a pit fire to suit any landscape environment. In any space, for any occasion, Real Flame has the fireplace that’s perfect for your needs.


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