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H2O Heating Project 3

H2O Heating Pty Ltd specialises in hydronic heating systems, which the company designs to suit each individual property and client. These custom-designed systems, including hydronic heating boilers, underfloor heating and radiator panels, not only provide you with warmth and comfort in your home, but are also the ideal way to reduce energy bills.

Hydronic heating is a superior form of heating that uses water instead of forced warm air to heat your home. It is recognised worldwide as one of the most energy-efficient ways to bring warmth to your home, and has evolved over the years to become one of the most controllable and comfortable forms of heating. Suitable for all types of properties, from period renovations through to cutting-edge architectural homes, hydronic heating can be fitted to both existing and newly built homes.

Not only will hydronic heating provide homeowners with year-round energy efficiency, but it will also allow them the flexibility to control the temperature requirement of each room or extend and alter the heating system as needed in different spaces. The natural radiation and convection generated by a hydronic heating system means the air will not dry out or be forcibly circulated around the room, making it ideal for those with asthma or allergies. Eliminating the creation of a dry, humid or dust-filled environment, hydronic heating is one of the healthiest options for your home.

Keeping in mind that every home is different and each client’s requirements are unique, H2O Heating Pty Ltd will accurately calculate the heat requirements for each individual room – taking into account the room dimensions, external walls and window area – to ensure the desired temperature is reached. From here, a specifically-sized outlet can be chosen from either the panel, trench or floor coil options. The final stage of the H2O Heating Pty Ltd system design process is to meet with clients to discuss the layout, ensuring outlets and boilers are in the best position to suit your needs.

Hydronic heating is the ideal solution when overcoming architectural challenges including large expanses of glazing and high ceilings because of its flexibility of design, choice and style of heating outlets and the fact it can be easily zoned. With the varied forms, such as underfloor outlets, radiator panels and trench convectors, clients are able to choose outlets to suit each room so that the system is bespoke to your home.

Originally started by Nigel Hunt in 2010, H2O Heating Pty Ltd has since carried out hundreds of hydronic heating installations, ranging from the smallest homes to multi-million dollar projects. With many years of experience and expertise, Nigel and the team at H2O Heating Pty Ltd help clients all over Melbourne who may be renovating or building a dream home to find the right heating solution to suit both their budget and lifestyle.


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