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Creative Lighting Vic
Creative Lighting Vic
Creative Lighting Vic
Creative Lighting Vic
Creative Lighting Vic

Creative Lighting Vic Project 2

Lighting up the households of Australian’s nation-wide, Creative Lighting Vic brings a personal touch and professional care that can’t be overlooked. Thanks to the company’s swift and tailored service, the design, consultation, and installation team at Creative Lighting Vic will remove any hurdles or strains from the process of planning and choosing the lighting both inside and outside your new home.

Offering a bespoke experience from start to finish, the design and consultancy team ensures that every homeowner receives a final product that fits not only their personal style but also their day-to-day requirements. The friendly staff will run through not only your ideal lighting designs, but also your home’s colour schemes, cabinetry, furniture placements and surfaces and finishes to ensure that your project is exactly as you envisioned.

With experienced consultants by your side every step of the way, the company understands not only how best to illuminate your home but also the importance of balancing your design with budget and implementation. You can meet with the experts from either the company’s innovative showroom or your pre-booked in-home consultation.

With Creative Living Vic you can determine how involved you wish to be in the entire process. The company’s full lighting design service gives you complete control over every aspect, from choosing your light fixtures and the placement of the light and its switch, to the option of utilising your own tradespeople. If you have less time on your hands, or if you want a professional result without any of the hassle, the company’s ‘platinum glove service’ is the perfect solution.

Once you have selected your lights, the trained team from Creative Lighting Vic will handle everything else for you, from coordinating with the electrician to having the materials delivered straight to your door, to ensuring old fittings and materials are disposed of.


Creative Lighting Vic

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