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Creative Lighting Vic

Creative Lighting Vic

Creative Lighting Vic was established in 1998 and has garnered an exceptional reputation for providing high quality products sourced from Europe and America. Jill and Damian continue to find creative lighting solutions and uphold their company’s motto of creating beautifully illuminated spaces for those who inhabit them, which endorses its reputation for providing a high level of care and meticulous services.

Creative Lighting Vic sets itself apart from other lighting companies through its unique approach to business. The company embodies a consultative approach to lighting and considers the bigger picture, as well as the minutiae, when curating its personalised lighting solutions. Its level of care reinforces this ethos and Jill and Damian’s combined industry experience of more than 50 years has seen the company adapt to the modern customer, by diversifying its expertise and providing a service tailored to the client and their home.

Servicing projects of all genres both nationally and internationally, Creative Lighting Vic is dedicated to providing an exceptional service. Employing its innate passion for design principles and finding the perfect solution to suit your specific needs, wants and lifestyle, Creative Lighting Vic will work closely with you to recommend a personalised plan that will exceed your expectations.






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Creative Lighitng Vic

145 Whitehorse Road

Tel: (03) 9439 0570
Email: sales@creativelightingvic.com
Website: www.creativelightingvic.com.au

Latest Project

This Hamptons style transformation of a 1970s home in Balwyn is a tremendous display of the talents of both Belle Homes and Creative Lighting Vic.