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Better Bathrooms & Kitchens
Better Bathrooms & Kitchens
Better Bathrooms & Kitchens

Better Bathrooms & Kitchens Project 4

This unusual bathroom design has made good use of curved walls and a custom-made vanity unit to add visual interest, while also cleverly maximising space within the room. Likewise, the inclusion of recessed mirrors and heated towel rails, as well as the considered placement of power outlets within draws and the selection of an in-wall cistern encourages the overarching sleek and minimalist design of the space, while also privileging functionality.

The design, which incorporates polarising high-end finishes, creates an overarching harmony through the use of a largely monochromatic palette; the space is replete with concrete details and primarily utilises grey, white and metallic tones.

The inclusion of carefully selected feature details, exemplified in the singular low-hanging pendant light and collection of small potted evergreens, counterbalances the otherwise industrial palette, and invites a sense of spa-like sophistication to the space.


Better Bathrooms & Kitchens

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