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Zeb Walker wooden kitchen cabinetry hardwood design
Zeb Walker wooden kitchen cabinetry hardwood design
Zeb Walker wooden kitchen cabinetry hardwood design

Zeb Walker Design

Crafted to fulfil the homeowners’ brief of a unique, interesting and functional kitchen that would complement their pre-existing mudbrick home, this design is inherently creative. The homeowners also wanted the space to be sympathetic to the stunning natural environment that surrounds the property.

The carefully selected warm-toned timbers that are prominent within the design were chosen for their complementary nature; the warmth of the newly introduced materials meld harmoniously with the home’s existing timber construction. The distinct abstract shapes that appear on the front of the island bench and the overhead cabinetry were specifically designed by Walker to reference elements of nature, including the shapes of trees, branches and leaves. Similarly, the inlays within the benchtops are representative of fallen leaves.

The kitchen’s floor plan was dramatically altered to create a sense of openness, enhancing the natural flow of the room, while the inclusion of a bar area adjacent to the kitchen encourages seamless entertaining. To eliminate clutter, the cabinetry was custom-built to fit alongside the island. Featuring an integrated fridge, oven, microwave and coffee machine, the design ensures easy access without compromising on visual appeal. Likewise, large drawers were incorporated under the stovetop to provide efficient storage space.

Since establishing his business together with his wife Dee, approximately 20 years ago, Zeb Walker of Zeb Walker Design has been consistently designing one-of-a-kind, award-winning, projects. A master craftsman, Walker undertakes a range of diverse commissions, ensuring that no two projects are the same. With experience in creating both domestic and commercial spaces, Walker can craft everything from in-built and freestanding furniture and internal and external doors, to architectural joinery and sculptural projects.

Regardless of the size, scale or style of the project, every design by Walker is truly unique, utilises high-quality materials, and features stunning handcrafted components. The majority of Walker’s site-responsive designs are crafted from hardwood, and will often incorporate complementary glass elements, as well as copper or brass inlays.

Many of Walker’s exceptional pieces have been sought by clients in metropolitan Melbourne; however, Walker is more than happy to meet with potential clients at their home or business address to discuss any in-progress projects of interest. His exemplary work has not only earned him an impressive 18 awards from the Cabinet Makers and Designers Association (CDMA) between 2007 and 2009, but his pieces have also gained significant traction interstate and overseas as well.


Zeb Walker Design

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