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3D Home Design
3D Home Design
3D Home Design

[Virtual] Reality Check

Dec 14, 2021 | Industry News

As the name suggests, 3D Home Designs has always designed interiors in 3D to help its clients accurately visualise their designs, using tools such as photorealistic renderings and video fly-throughs. The company is now proud to share its latest and greatest innovation – virtual reality walkthroughs.

With this exciting technology, customers now have the chance to not only see the design of their future home, but also experience it in virtual reality. This means you can walk through your entire house not as a 2D floorplan, but as a 3D, one-to-one scaled digital model of your home, complete with windows, doors, cabinetry and décor before the construction has even begun.

By wearing one of 3D Home Design’s VR headsets, you’ll feel as if you are physically walking through your finished home. You’ll no longer need to use your imagination to visualise how your 2D floorplan will look once it’s completed, as it comes to life all around you.

These 3D models are even geo-located, which means the sun will be in its accurate position in relation to your home. In the virtual reality you can control the time of day and see first-hand the impact of the natural light pouring into your windows.

This tool can be implemented as early as preliminary concept drawings to confirm the layout of your house, right through to fully specified and documented interior design packages. To find out how you can use 3D Home Design’s virtual reality walkthroughs to experience your new home up-close, visit the website or give the friendly and helpful team a call today.