Inspired by a passion for beautiful furniture, Tuft and Buttons’ philosophy is to design and manufacture exceptional furniture that is affordable and locally-made.

Many clients look for a piece that is unique, which they can have made according to their own specifications and style, as well as shorter turnaround times from order to delivery. As an Australian manufacturer, Tuft and Buttons can meet those needs.

Tuft and Buttons’ business concept challenges the way we currently buy furniture, while still offering furniture at prices that are comparable with many mass-market retailers.

Personalised furniture is custom-made to meet clients’ needs and achieves a type of tailoring that is impossible to match with imported products. Upholstered walls are a great example of the benefits of customisation – the wall can be crafted to match the measurements of the client’s skirting boards and architraves, as well as the angle of their walls so the piece fits perfectly in their home.

Tuft and Buttons’ range includes upholstered beds and bed heads, storage boxes, ottomans, sofas, and benches, which can all be fully-customised.

The company was recently recognised at Grand Designs Live, where a specially-created leather and velvet bed head was featured in the gold medal room, as judged by Grand Designs hosts, Kevin McCloud and Peter Maddison.

All pieces from Tuft and Buttons’ range are manufactured in Australia, which supports the local economy and ensures that artisan skills are kept alive. Manufacturing locally also allows better control of the process and quality assurance of the product.