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Image Credit: Coldbuster Floor Heating

Things Are Heating Up


Nothing is quite as comforting as waking up to a warm house on a chilly Melbourne morning, and underfloor heating is the best method on the market to battle the cold in your home. The luxury of standing on a heated floor in your own home has seemed out of reach for many, but here, Melbourne Home Design + Living’s Bridget Armitage sits down with managing director of Coldbuster Floor Heating, Rick Florence, to discuss how underfloor heating is in fact more accessible and beneficial than ever.

After buying the company seven years ago, Rick Florence has seen Coldbuster Floor Heating grow ten-fold. Underfloor heating is quickly becoming the top choice for heating in the home, but Rick Florence feels that most Australians still aren’t aware of the immense benefits.

There are two types of floor heating, hydronic heating – which Rick Florence explains is very expensive, complicated, and requires lots of maintenance – and electric heating, which is the only type Coldbuster will supply. Electric floor heating is installed with ease before your final floor finish goes down, with an accompanying thermostat to control in the home. At Coldbuster, you can choose from under-tile – which includes under timbers, vinyls, and laminates – under carpet, in-screed, and in-slab heating.

Rise About the Rest

There are many quality aspects of underfloor heating that make it stand out above traditional heating methods. As Rick Florence notes, the mere fact that this heating comes from beneath your floor provides many benefits to you as a homeowner. As this product is hidden away, safety for you and your family isn’t a concern, as any hot surfaces, cables, or sharp corners are completely covered.


From a design point of view, underfloor heating couldn’t be any more perfect. You have complete interior design freedom, as Rick Florence explains: “no space is taken up by machines in the home; you have more wall and floor space to play with [and] nothing to spoil décor,” he says. It’s as if your heating solution doesn’t even exist, with no obstacles in designing your home as you please.

On of top this, underfloor heating is far and away the best option for evenly distributed heat. As we all well know, hot air rises, and heat coming from walls or ceilings is simply going to be less efficient at heating your house. A radiator situated in one corner of the room will not be able to heat the room with the same consistency and efficiency as underfloor heating.

Get It While It’s Hot

As underfloor heating can only be installed during a new build or renovation, it’s crucial to get in while you can. “Once the floors are down, it’s too late!” says Rick Florence, “do yourself a favour: get a totally free, no expectation, no obligation quote while you still can, just to consider floor heating before your floors go down,” he adds.

In his seven years in the industry, with the business running for more than 25 years, Rick Florence has found that almost everybody loves underfloor heating, but less than 1 percent of people even consider it.

For a long time, underfloor heating has been seen as an out-of-reach luxury for the average Australian – but this is simply not the case.

“This is why we offer free quotes for underfloor heating,” says Rick Florence, “It is essential to properly consider floor heating while you still can. Every day we hear from people how they did their flooring and didn’t consider floor heating at the time,” he explains. If your floors are coming up at any point, it is well worth investigating if underfloor heating is an option for you.

Don’t Sweat

The main misconception about to underfloor heating for most homeowners is the price. Many Australians are under the impression that it just costs too much to bother considering. This is why Rick Florence and the team at Coldbuster are so eager for people to get a simple, quick and free quote to see the reality of how much they could save from underfloor heating – the results may end up surprising you.

As there is no machinery or moving parts associated with underfloor heating, there is no need for regular maintenance. This is what allows Coldbuster to offer a 25-year warranty for its product – it just lasts. More than that, underfloor heating is more energy efficient than other heating methods. It covers a larger surface area, using lower temperatures and less energy, leaving you with lower bills. 

This also means that the product is more climate conscious. You can compare the running costs between your current heating solution and underfloor heating online, where Coldbuster provides the ‘Running Cost Calculator’ to prove how affordable it can be.

As another potential benefit, if you’re looking to add value to your property, underfloor heating is a sure-fire way to do so. The public perception of underfloor heating as a luxury item can “enhance the overall image of your property”, says Rick Florence. Though it is quite affordable compared to other renovations you can make to your home, underfloor heating will excite buyers and add noticeable value to your property.

Let’s Give a Warm Welcome

Long gone are the days of ice-cold kitchen tiles in morning, with underfloor heating you can wake up to a warm haven for your feet. Without the harsh, dryness of air heaters or outdated look of radiators, underfloor heating warms your home from within. It is a guaranteed way to ‘wow’ your family, guests, and even future buyers at a comparatively low cost.

Rick Florence leaves us with this: “Floor heating really is a no brainer if you are doing your floors. It is the best way to heat your home in every physical sense. It is the best value-add opportunity in the entire building industry with a high luxury image but an actual low cost, you get an unbeatable investment opportunity,” he says.

Image Credit: Coldbuster Floor Heating
Image Credit: Cold Buster Floor Heating
Image Credit: Cold Buster Floor Heating
Image Credits: Cold Buster Floor Heating