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The Future Is Now

Oct 4, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 25

The Kooyong by Englehart Homes leads a new wave in Australian home-design with innovations in style, comfort and convenience that epitomise a bright future for the industry.

Striking, sophisticated and ingenious, the Kooyong captures the essence and intelligence of high-end contemporary design. Its strong, clean lines are executed with exquisite precision, while its cleverly conceived layouts provide ideal environments for modern living.

“The Kooyong’s exceptional design places it at the leading edge of modern home design for our era,” says managing director Ron Englehart. “We have been able to capture the essence of how people are aspiring to live into the future. The Kooyong is designed to have the greatest impact on how you experience everyday life at home.”

With a wide range of single- and double-storey floor plans and façade options available, and with Englehart Homes’ impressive design flexibility at your disposal, the Kooyong can be designed to suit your individual needs.