As a company, Supreme Heating’s objectives are to provide and develop energy free heating solutions and re-educate the public on how to use these products to maximise efficiencies and comfort levels. The Solar Evacuated Tube was designed specifically to make hot water production more efficient in all seasons. It’s a heavy duty double glazed, vacuum-sealed tube combining cutting edge design technologies from Germany and the University of NSW.

The insulation created by vacuum space between the outer and inner tubes of the system eliminates heat loss to the outside and allows energy to pass onto the copper tube inside. With advanced coating technology, the collector changes solar light exposure to heat energy in winter and on cloudy days.

The heat is then transferred to a coil in the tank, which heats the water. When heating is required, a small circulating pump is automatically turned on. The heat generated is then circulated to the house hydronic, hot water or swimming pool depending on the priority or the season. If the temperature in the tank drops below a set temperature, the auxiliary heater will be activated to boost. Hot water for household use is simply drawn from the top of the tank, replaced and heated again.

So why not harness the power of the sun and use this environmental solution. To support sustainability in everyday living, install Heatseeker Supreme to combine the heating of your home, hot water, swimming pool or spa, all in one luxurious system.