Since 1993, Scott Brown and his talented team have been creating exciting and individual outdoor environments in which each individual element is planned as part of the overall outdoor environment. His integrated approach sees the finished outdoor living environment become a seamless blend of all elements so it can form an extension of the home itself.

Having accumulated a long list of public and industry awards, Scott’s expertise and experience allows him to create a ‘sense of place’ in every project. It also enables him to simultaneously incorporate important considerations such as maintenance and drought sustainability.

The design process allows every element to be considered and the entire outdoor environment to be integrated prior to any construction commencing. This allows the client to see the whole picture and to become comfortable with it so that there are no surprises later. Budget considerations are also integrated into the design process.

Tendering and project management can be handled by Scott’s office, or clients can elect to undertake this part of the project themselves. Scott believes the garden and its subsequent environment should say something about its owners – it should embrace and celebrate their lifestyle while complementing the style of the home. This sees a wide range of styles and formats created.