The dream has come true – you’ve built your ideal home and are down to the final details, and you want every aspect of your home to maintain the highest quality along with a refined and pleasing appearance. Rigging Dimensions can help you complete the picture.

Stainless steel balustrades are a stylish addition for your home. Being both modern and versatile, they will suit houses of almost any design. They have various applications, from internal stairs – geometric, rectangular or straight flights – to alfresco areas, outdoor decks, balconies, and split level environments.

Being corrosion resistant, requiring virtually no maintenance and with an extremely long life span, stainless steel balustrades are economical and great value for money.

Rigging Dimensions offer an impressive range of handrails and posts combined with a wire, glass, mesh, or rod infill. Their products are fully welded and have integrated fixing points, creating a streamlined appearance without joins, breaks, or clipped on end fittings. The result is a structure that is both technically sound and visually pleasing.