RB-DOORS (Rav-Bariach (08) Industries Ltd) operates under the direction of Mr. Sam Donnerstein, an experienced 35 year veteran in various fields of industry with 15 years specializing in the door industry.

The company was founded in Israel in 1973 and with the developments of the RB-DOORS unique multi-bolt locking system, the strength and durability of the steel entry door and the ever-evolving designs, the world of security entrance doors in Israel was transformed. RB-DOORS’ local name, Rav-Bariach, quickly became synonymous with security doors with added value of creativity and elegance.

Since inception, RB-DOORS set forth to lead the door industry, establishing new standards for security, quality, visionary thinking and cutting edge technology. The constant pursuit of innovation has led to registration of a multitude of security patents and trademarks, both in Israel and internationally and an impressive sales record of over 4 million doors in Israel and abroad. Our commitment to innovation is also applied to technology; state of the art production lines enabling maximum precision with required dimensions, utilization of materials which increase the quality of the product and the security of the door, development of advanced lock mechanisms and more. Innovation is also reflected in continuous design development and the creative and meticulous design of the steel doors. RB-DOORS launches a new collection of exclusive models every year.

Across 5 different continents, RB-DOORS manufactures doors for over thirty partners worldwide. We are dedicated to long-term business relationships and provide our international customers with flexibility and the necessary resources for the development of customized models according to local needs, demands and standards. It comes as no surprise that RB-DOORS is the largest supplier worldwide of Forced Entry doors for embassies, security institutions, banks and more.