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Tried And Tested: Thermomix TM6


From rice cookers and ice-cream makers, to microwave bacon trays and banana slicers, the twenty-first century boasts a kitchen appliance for just about anything. But with such an overabundance cluttering up our kitchens, it can beg the question; ‘why would I need another one?’ We had the same thoughts when we first heard about the Thermomix TM6, but after trying for ourselves we’re hooked.

Fortunately, your Thermomix certainly won’t be joining ranks with that unopened fondue machine from 1991 hiding in the back of your cupboard. This multi-tasking masterpiece combines the functions of 20 different kitchen appliances into one convenient product, and its extreme versatility alone frees up an abundance of space in your kitchen that two dozen single-purpose appliances would normally occupy. The Thermomix is smart, connected and built to last; this brilliant appliance will only get better with age, and thanks to its wi-fi connectivity your Thermomix receives regular updates, just like your smartphone. With more than 2,000 consultants around Australia, when you buy a Thermomix, you don’t just buy an appliance, you’re buying an experience and a network of support and advice at your fingertips. To get you started, an expert will help you set up the Thermomix in your home, and walk you through each function in a personalised and in-depth tutorial.

The Thermomix TM6’s powerful blades can make short work of almond meal or grind raw sugar into icing sugar in matter of seconds, and with hassle-free prep at your fingertips there is no need to stuff your pantry with five different types of sugar, which simultaneously declutters your kitchen and reduces household plastic waste.

Almost like something out of a science fiction film, the true magic of the Thermomix TM6 is its self cleaning function and one-bowl cooking abilities. The scale function automatically weighs your ingredients as you add them and with its ability to mix, steam, slow cook, simmer and even peel vegetables makes feeding the family healthy home-cooked meals is as simple as set and forget. With meal prep an effortless affair, you can prepare your own sauces with the same time and energy it takes to open a premade jar, or have your own chemical-free stock paste on hand whenever you need it.

The accompanying Cookidoo recipe platform just makes life even easier. The only appliance of its kind with this functionality, choose from thousands of delicious recipes and follow step-by-step instructions on the TM6’s large touch-screen. With preset time, temperature and speed, as well as the scales ready to go. It makes cooking practically foolproof. Whether you’re making jam, culturing yogurt, proving bread or trying your hand at homemade sausages all of Cookidoo’s recipes require minimal intervention on your part and the ingredients can even be added to your shopping list at the touch of a button.

For the creative home chef, Cookidoo’s latest 3.0 update allows you to add up to 100 of your own recipes to the Thermomix, or modify existing recipes on the app. The advanced search function lets you search based on a range of criteria, including specific ingredients, dietary requirements and all types of dishes, so finding the perfect recipe has never been easier.

Offering the ability to browse, plan, shop, prep and cook all in the one smart, connected appliance, the Thermomix TM6 is the ultimate time-saver that enables cooks of all levels to create restaurant quality meals at home.