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Storybook Designer Homes Project 4

Storybook Designer Homes offers unique building solutions with designs that reflect a myriad of possibilities, both traditional and contemporary. Although there are thousands of designs by Storybook Designer Homes, the company remains dedicated to an individual design approach, where each client receives their own tailored and creative result. “It is no surprise that our designs have evolved with modern trends as each and every client brings their own individual tastes and style into the design process,” says Storybook Designer Homes designer Phil Malcolm. “The use of the latest materials, construction techniques and design elements are often incorporated at the request of clients seeking to blend a modern sophistication with the character of traditional architecture. By utilising traditional shapes in our designs, the buildings hold an enduring quality, which is almost always lacking in alternative modern architecture. Clients come to us to help them achieve something special and we enjoy the process of assisting them to realise their dreams.”

“Too often words like feeling, atmosphere, character and charm, expressed by people seeking to convey their aspirations, are put aside as meaningless. We at Storybook Designer Homes clearly understand the powerful influence emotive architecture has on those who live in or visit such houses – it enriches their lives. Great care, love, artistry and creativity, in addition to technical knowledge, are all required if you are to get the design of a house right. It’s great to see our clients strongly identifying with their homes – they love them!”Storybook  Designer Homes is an owner-builder service that allows the homeowner to organise construction of their home by direct employment of sub-contractors, do the work themselves or a combination of the two. It’s an affordable, independent, and highly flexible option; to owner-build a house is to remove the builder from the equation. A builder may charge roughly 30 per cent to organise and manage other tradespeople such as carpenters, electricians, cabinetmakers, tilers, plumbers and painters; as an owner-builder you deal direct with sub-contractors and have the freedom to employ whomever you choose.

One of the most important aspects of building a new home or extension is in the initial design and planning phase; this is where Storybook Designer Homes sets itself apart. Unlike other kit home suppliers, Storybook Designer Homes considers the unique property, lifestyle, budget, council, and energy considerations of each client to offer a highly competitive service and materials package with total flexibility in design. The extensive range of services offered by Storybook Designer Homes includes site evaluation and investigation, energy-efficient design, product selection assistance, unlimited technical advice, and supplier referrals. Storybook Designer Homes has the expertise and resources to manage all site conditions – including narrow, small and sloping – and all types of development, from urban to rural, bed and breakfast cottages to single- and dual-storey home construction, extensions and renovations. Storybook Designer Homes has an inspired solution for all home projects.

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