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KÄRCHER WV 6 Window Vacuum

What was once an unpopular household chore has now been made easy. Kärcher, the global leader in cleaning technology, is helping Aussies achieve streak-free windows from every angle with its range of window vacuums.

Known for its innovative and convenient home cleaning products, Kärcher’s beloved WV 6 Window Vacuum boasts features such as enhanced blade technology and increased battery time with an LED countdown, giving you 100 minutes so you can clean all the windows in your house in a single speedy session. The WV 6 Window Vacuum isn’t just for windows, either; use it on small spills, tiles and other flat surfaces such as mirrors or the car, producing streak-free results by vacuuming up soapy water – there won’t be a single drop in sight.

Melbourne Home Design + Living Magazine tried out the WV 6 Window Vacuum, finding that this wonderful piece of technology is certainly worth the hype. The vacuum was easy to assemble and operate, requiring little effort or time on our part, although the long battery life meant we could take plenty of time if needed. With the powerful suction and clever blade technology we found that, as promised, no streaks or residue were left on the interior window. Thanks to the cordless design, the window vacuum can be transported all over the home, or even outdoors, without difficulty.

The WV 6 Window Vacuum also comes with a handy spray bottle with a microfibre wiping cloth attachment, which, combined with Kärcher’s window cleaner concentrate, makes short work of pesky finger smudges and stains on your glass, and proved the perfect solution for for removing soap scum from the bathroom mirror or shower screens.

The fast charging capabilities of the WV 6 Window Vacuum add another layer of versatility to this product, and for those tackling larger cleaning projects that need more than 100 minutes to complete, the WV 6 Window Vacuum takes mere moments to charge back up. A clever LED display on the handle also keeps track of how many minutes you have left, so your WV 6 Window Vacuum won’t shut down unexpectedly, giving you more control over your cleaning experience.

At a first glance, the WV 6 Window Vacuum may appear too small for taller, or higher up windows, however Kärcher is once again two steps ahead of the game and has produced a telescopic extension rod for such situations. This rod extends the action radius for high windows, skylights and the like.

The compact size does have its benefits too, making the WV 6 Window Vacuum effortless to carry and clean without any heavy lifting and, at the end of a quick and convenient cleaning session, easy to store.



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