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Harkaway Homes
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Harkaway Homes Project 4

With 34 years of design and construction experience, this family-owned business prides itself on producing high-quality, cost effective and charming homes. The company originated from the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Harkaway and, over the years, the founder created a methodology for recreating timeless, elegant home designs from the Victorian and Federation period.

This concept resonated with customers, as people wanted homes that were unique, had character, and stood out among the mundane. With the company’s vast experience and well proven success, Harkaway Homes provides the perfect tailored option for those wanting to own an iconic Australian home.

Offering eight different architectural ranges, there is a Harkaway Homes design that will be suitable for any prospective homeowner. Clients are encouraged to individualise their Harkaway Home to suit their personal and lifestyle needs.

This personalisation extends to the internal fit-out of the home, allowing customers to create their own interior finish and the opportunity to source preferred materials in a cost-friendly manner.

Harkaway Homes offers prime architectural quality at around half the standard architect price. The classic, Victorian designs ensure seamless construction and an elegant, cost-friendly outcome.

One of the packages the company offers to its clients is an Individualised Components Package, which is to perfectly match and complement the tailored home design. This package involves two stages: the first involves the supply of a variety of materials and elements to ‘lock-up’ the home and complete the shell. The second stage comprises of placement of the verandahs, which can be added during the later stages of the building process. The Australian dream of having a bespoke, Victorian-inspired home can be realised with the team of design and construction experts at Harkaway Homes.

These timeless designs and builds provide a little bit of rustic charm to already-established suburbs and add to the attractive delight of country properties.

Homeowners can rest assured that their house will have that signature Harkaway Homes touch. Timber features heavily in all of the projects Harkaway Homes designs and builds, which complement lush, countryside surrounds and add a visually pleasing contrast to already established, modern suburbs.

Timber also features within the interior of the home as an extension on the timelessness of the design. Interior wooden embellishments create a warm and inviting presence upon entry, while tying in beautifully with the exterior of the home. These wooden wonders are also a homage to the Victorian era, and the company seamlessly brings these Victorian designs and styles into the modern age

Established in 1986, the team at Harkaway Homes thrives on customer satisfaction, designing and building homes to suit its clients’ needs and bring Victorian architecture to life. Designs by Harkaway Homes are easily recognisable due to the authenticity and high-quality of the sweeping verandahs and symmetrical profiles of the company’s flagship homes.

The design and construction team pride themselves on creating traditional homes that are cost-friendly and perfectly tailored to the homeowners’ wants and needs with internal fit out and floor plan flexibility. With an abundance of success with its clients over the years, Harkaway Homes have established a reputation in understanding what is required to recreate high-quality homes. For those seeking a slice of Victorian-inspired history, Harkaway Homes provides a variety of plans and options for you to pick from, and will endeavour to create your very own, iconic Australian home.


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