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Damien Smith Building Project 1

Warm, rustic, and abundant in character, this quaint countryside home was architecturally designed by Annabel Mazzotti and constructed by Damien Smith Building. Natural materials grant it an enchanting, earthy look that perfectly complements the stunning Australian surrounds. Fulfilling the client’s wish to create a home that was beautiful, unique, and inviting, Damien Smith Building utilised a combination of earthen and reclaimed materials to create an inviting one-of-a-kind residence.

Made from a combination of mudbrick and sand and lime renders, the walls simultaneously increase thermal mass and grant the home a natural look. Reclaimed red gum, grey box, and iron bark sleepers are observable throughout both the abode’s interior and exterior for visual cohesion, and the home’s open plan kitchen and lounge capitalises on the exposed heavy barn roof trusses to create a striking look that ties in with the verandah and window frames.

Constructed in a ‘T’ shape, the home branches off from the main living area to house the bedrooms and bathrooms. The natural juncture between the two wings forms a commodious alfresco area and large double doors open out onto this wonderful entertaining space, which benefits from its north-facing positioning.

Extending beyond visual appeal to also encompass practicality, this project harnessed Damien Smith Building’s innate knowledge of sustainable construction. Passive design was incorporated into the home’s blueprint, and the abode is equipped with water tanks and a photovoltaic system to ensure the home is self-sufficient.


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