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CarbonLite Project 1

Designed by Maxa Design and built by CarbonLite, this sleek, sun-filled Donvale abode is the perfect blend of natural beauty and superior craftsmanship. The entrance is framed by a rammed earth wall which gently curves into the distance, enticing visitors to explore beyond.

Clean exterior lines showcase the design’s aesthetic vision, and whilst the home is a stunning display of contemporary architecture, energy efficiency was the driving force behind every aspect of the project’s design and construction. CarbonLite’s intelligent use of innovative construction techniques ensures that the home’s heat gain and loss is kept close to zero. The Germany-imported windows are triple glazed with multi-faceted opening and closing positions, adhering to the home’s passive house design. The energy recovery system and extensive use of solar panels culminates in a home that is carbonpositive and exceeds the standards of other passive houses.

The roof, floor and walls were precision prefabricated using CarbonLite’s PanelLite construction system – which allowed ‘lock-up’ to be achieved in just two and a half days.

The external rammed earth wall offers additional environmental benefits; nestled inside is a vein of XPS insulation, which supports the home’s carbon-positive standing. The addition of the green garden roof adds the finishing touch to this sustainable masterpiece.

As a forward-thinking construction company, CarbonLite strives to revolutionise building techniques in Australia. The company specialises in prefabricated construction of energy-efficient homes of all sizes by incorporating its exclusive PanelLite system. Its team of Australian and international tradespeople have been successfully promoting the passive house concept in Australia since the company’s inception.

CarbonLite homes do not rely solely on orientation, thermal mass or natural cross-flow ventilation to perform efficiently. As a result, this next generation of home construction allows clients to build their dream home anywhere, and ensures that the home performs all-year-round without the need for excessive heating or cooling.

Since his immigration to Melbourne in 2011, founder and director Burkhard Hansen has become one of the most experienced passive home builders in Australia. Burkhard is a licenced Master Builder and Certified Passive House Tradesperson with almost two decades’ experience in passive house construction and precision prefabrication in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. A highly regarded figure within the Australian building industry, Burkhard is at the forefront of energy efficient construction and passes his knowledge along to Box Hill Institute, where he teaches the Passive House Tradesperson course.

Images courtesy of CarbonLite,
Photography by Chris Neylon

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