If you are in the middle of renovating your kitchen or bathroom and it’s all looking a bit bland, you can really make these spaces come to life with something new and unique, like natural, rich or vibrant colours expressed through digital imagery on glass.

With a background in the building industry combined with a keen eye for photography, Paul Murphy started developing his business brainwave eight years ago. “I felt that there was an opening in the market for creating individual and artistic glass panels and splashbacks to add style and colour to any room,” says Paul.

The company he started, paul.M, is now a market leader in the printed glass industry. Each glass piece is individually designed, and all glass is produced locally to Australian standards, ensuring that each customer receives a finished product that is of the highest quality. Backing its commitment to excellence, the company also offers a seven year warranty.

Set apart by its huge selection of original artwork, the company is able to create beautiful panels in any size to suit all tastes and applications. From classic to modern designs or images of nature, paul.M’s original glass imagery can be adapted to any home or working environment.

“Customers are free to create and provide their own image or design. Alternatively, they can work with our team to customise one of our own images,” says Paul.

This beautiful and unique product is also suitable for stunning foyers, offices, bathrooms, or anywhere your fancy takes you.