With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing lift interiors, Old 2 Nu Industries was selected to revamp the lifts at the iconic Newspaper House building in Collins Street, Melbourne.

The striking heritage-listed building is styled in classic art deco fashion and the project therefore required the use of appropriate materials and carefully selected colours to ensure the lifts blended seamlessly with their surrounds.

Working closely with the architect and his design, Old 2 Nu Industries achieved this by manufacturing the lifts interiors using laminated panels, with aluminium inlays and replacing the existing stainless steel with Rimex Bronze stainless.

A bevel laminated bronze mirror was also incorporated to the rear of the lifts. A drop-down ceiling was installed with LED downlights and LED strip lighting as a backdrop.

Old 2 Nu Industries completed the works for lift company Liftronics. The end result is seamless, authentic-looking lift interiors that all parties were pleased with.

Old 2 Nu Industries has been supplying lift companies Victoria-wide with interiors of all kinds, for many years. The works that Old 2 Nu can complete include stainless steel button panels, ceilings, flooring and all types of interior wall panels, with upgrading lifts in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools and residential homes.

Upgrading a lift interior with Old-2-Nu Industries is a simple and effective way to revamp a lift, and can be done to modernise the lift’s appearance, or completed, as this project was, as an authentic-looking traditional makeover.