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A stunning new design created by Mega Residential, the Wentworth is the ideal modern family home. The Wentworth began with a simple yet challenging brief: to create a residence that was as striking as it was welcoming. The result offers an inspired choice, with adaptable and highly liveable layouts available to suit you.

With more than 30 years of experience building homes for Victorian families, Mega Residential’s philosophy has always been to deliver innovative, affordable and individualised home designs that best suit the life you want to lead in your own home.

Designed to prioritise ease of living for whoever calls it home, the Wentworth’s layout features flowing links between every room. With ten floor-plan options to suit 14m-wide blocks, the design can be customised to achieve a comfortable, enjoyable home life.

Upon entry, a long, spacious hallway leads you to a central alfresco area that connects to the indoor living spaces and generous kitchen, which features a convenient butler’s pantry. The bedrooms are neatly tucked away to provide a quiet, private retreat at the end of the day. With raised ceiling treatments found throughout the home, you’ll have plenty of suitable areas in which to entertain.

The challenge of creating a home like the Wentworth often lies in how to maximise the space available. With contemporary properties varying widely in size, a residential buyer always aims to make best use of the land to create a home that is compact, yet spacious inside.

The Wentworth provides access to most rooms direct from the entry rather than via secondary passageways to instantly create a feeling of openness. With a choice of three or four bedrooms, as well as two bathrooms, one living space, and a two-car garage, the Wentworth is the definition of luxury living in Victoria.

Alfresco living is a priority for the modern homeowner, and forms the essence of contemporary suburban life. As time passes, you’ll require a space that can be opened up to the outside world or closed off to create a safe, comfortable environment, depending on the season.

A fulfilling home life involves settling down and cosying up in winter, and enjoying summer sunsets from your living room – this is what the Wentworth can provide for your family.

Mega Residential has specialised in the construction of family homes for Victorians for more than three decades. The family-owned business is proud to have established a reputation for quality, reliability, choice and security among homebuyers, growing families and investors. These values are built on a continuing focus on improvement, as well as strong and longstanding relationships with suppliers and contractors, most of who have been working alongside Mega Residential since its inception.

Mega Residential understands that building a new home is a large commitment, which is why you can rely on the company to support you throughout the entire process. Choosing Mega Residential means becoming part of the family, complete with a warm ‘welcome home’.


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