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Images courtesy of Three Eight Building Group

Indoor Extravagance


How you incorporate storage into your home can completely change the way you experience your space and navigate your everyday life. Considering the functionality of your home is paramount, and storage spaces can exponentially enhance how you move through your space, whether you own your home or are renting. Here, Melbourne Home Design + Living’s Jacqueline Foy sits down with Melissa Fisher of Three Eight Building Group, to explore how incorporating clever storage solutions in your home can make your space feel larger and more open, all while keeping it clean and organised.

Images courtesy of Three Eight Building Group
Images courtesy of Three Eight Building Group

Whether it be a brand-new build that needs guidance from the first enquiry, or a small renovation or extension that involves complexities requiring a high level of problem solving, Three Eight Building Group are there to make that happen. Fisher and the team provide professional insight into all aspects of design and building that will ensure an effortless building experience. According to Fisher, there are many different strategic ways to incorporate storage into a new build or an existing home. From typical kitchen shelving and laundry cupboards to using creative solutions to maximise dead space that wouldn’t otherwise be used, applying Fisher’s ideas will help to make the most of your space and keep it organised.

Build It In

When looking to increase the storage space in your home, Fisher says working backwards and thinking about what you already have is the best place to start. “Considering the functionality of your space is paramount,” she says. “Think about the items you currently have in your house and how you can create storage solutions to suit,” she adds. Carefully consider how you use your space and where your home currently falls short, and work from there. For example, when planning your joinery in the laundry, it is important to think about the finer details. Consider wider cupboards with deep shelves to store your washing baskets, or a tall cupboard with a power point to hang and charge your cordless vacuum. “Bench space in a laundry is also a big recommendation we make to our clients,” Fisher says. “Thinking about the functionality of the space is really important and having an area to fold and sort your washing on the bench is helpful,” she explains.


When she is working on a new build, Fisher and her team love to incorporate built-in solutions wherever possible. For the kitchen, she gives the example of coffee nooks, built-in bins under the bench and integrated dishwashers. “Building in feature timber shelving is functional but also can look great when styled well,” she adds. For a laundry, she advises “building in washing baskets, putting your washer and dryer under the bench or stacking [them] in a cupboard,” and wide and deep cupboards to store washing baskets or a clothes horse. These help to keep the space looking clean and clutter-free and ensure freedom of movement around the space. “At one of our recent builds, we worked with the joinery team to incorporate pull-out hanging rails under the bench, which allowed for a drying option that could easily be hidden away,” Fisher says as an example. “In the space above, we used a hanging rail that also provided another drying option,” she says.

Watch This Space

Taking advantage of the available space in your home ensures that you are maximising your storage potential. “We love looking for smart ways to incorporate storage into dead spaces,” Fisher says. “One of our builds had an empty space next to the fridge and coffee nook on the plans that was just going to be wasted,” she explains. This gave her an opportunity to work together with the joinery team to create an additional pantry inside the butler’s pantry. With three large drawers and generous shelving, this use of space meant the clients were able to store their pantry items away, leaving the butler’s pantry benches and floating shelves clutter-free. “We also love to try and incorporate study nooks or open shelving into small spaces to maximise storage options,” Fisher adds.


If you have the space, a walk-in wardrobe is a fantastic option. When designing a walk-in robe, Fisher has some tips to further amplify your storage options. One example is including both full-height and half-height hanging rails, which allows space below for shorter clothing items and maximises the use of space. “We [also] recommend using the corner spaces of the built-in robe if you have any. This way, the void space can be used as well,” Fisher says. She also advises to consider the height of your tallest shoes and plan angled shelving spaces to display them accordingly. You can also use shelves higher up to display and store items you do not use as often. In terms of the look of your walk-in wardrobe, Fisher suggests the use of LED strip lighting, “[it] really gives that ‘wow’ factor,” she says.

Break It Down

Embarking on any kind of renovation or home build project can be daunting. With a lot to consider, Fisher recommends enlisting the help of your building or joinery team to think about the functionality and storage options available to you when you first begin planning your build. “They often have great storage solutions and ways to maximise the use of dead spaces,” Fisher says. Whether your goal is to build in more shelving and cupboards or develop a completely new inbuilt
storage system, teams like Fisher’s at Three Eight Building Group will work with you to make your ideas a reality. “The advice we give our clients is to think about the items in their current home and how they want or need to store them,” Fisher says. “Break it down into each room and then how much space would be required for each item,” she says. Breaking it down into smaller steps is a helpful method of planning your new build. By considering the ways you use each space during your daily life, you can work out the goals for your space and how you want it to operate before diving in.

Incorporating these storage solutions not only improves the functionality of your home, but keeps your environment organised and, in turn, beautiful.

Images courtesy of Three Eight Building Group

Image Credits: Three Eight Building Group