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Grollo Homes

Grollo Homes is a family business operating in its sixth decade in the building industry. From a modest start, Grollo Homes has become one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry.
Grollo Homes never loses sight of what’s important to the success of the business and that’s family. Grollo Homes is still very much a family business. In fact, a member of the family will oversee every aspect of both the design and construction phases of your new home.
Trust, experience, expertise, integrity and innovation are the qualities that the family has carefully cultivated and makes use of them in every project no matter how large or small.
Trust and experience are qualities that take time and care to nurture and accumulate – these qualities afford customers peace of mind. Expertise and integrity follow naturally from Grollo Homes’ longevity but also from the company’s work ethic. The team is extremely hard-working and you may rest assured that your home will be expertly designed and built by a family with integrity. While longevity promotes trust, experience, expertise and integrity, its innovation which ensures that Grollo Homes remains a respected builder of distinction.
With architecturally designed and craftsman built homes as the core part of the business – Grollo Homes is renowned for designing and building distinct and elegant homes with flair and style. Grollo Homes’ design and construction solutions are always comprehensive and intelligent. The workmanship and attention to detail involved are truly worthy of the moniker “craftsman built”.


Grollo Homes

261 Bulleen Road,
Tel: (03) 9850 4311
Email: info@grollohomes.com.au
Website: www.grollohomes.com.au

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