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Good, Clean Energy


An increase in environmental awareness has led to some exciting new developments in modern engineering, including the introduction of electric vehicles, commonly known as EVs. Powered by electricity rather than liquid fuels, EVs produce zero exhaust emissions and greatly reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions, making them a more sustainable transport method and a great option for vehicle owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. As EVs become more common, so does the installation of EV charging stations in the home, making these vehicles not only ecofriendly, but more convenient for drivers. Melbourne Home Design + Living’s Tabitha Lancaster sits down with Marco Iannelli from Tufflift to discuss the benefits of switching to electric vehicles, and why installing an EV charging station in your own home is the way forward.

Tufflift has established itself as a leading international hoist manufacturing and distribution company in Australia and has operated for nearly 30 years. With recent times seeing an increase in electric vehicles, Tufflift has made the exciting expansion into EV chargers, specialising in the supply and installation of the Zappi, one of the world’s leading smart EV chargers. With a combined experience of more than 60 years in sales, installation and service, the team is thrilled to bring this feature into Australian homes and help to facilitate a brighter, cleaner future.


The obvious upside of a reduced environmental impact aside, EVs offer a range of benefits to both the earth and the individual. “With the rising cost of living, especially petrol prices, EVs are becoming exponentially more popular on the road,” Iannelli says, adding, “The convenience of home charging means you’ll always leave the house with a full tank, and thanks to the Zappi, that might be completely free.” Charging at home eliminates any mid-commute fuel stops or last-minute errands to the service station at the end of a busy day, making your life not only more environmentally sustainable, but more convenient.

Owning an EV will also mean less time-consuming visits to the mechanic. “The servicing and maintenance of EVs are already significantly lesser than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, and studies have definitively proven that almost every EV will ‘pay’ itself off in terms of carbon emissions in the first six months,” Iannelli says. “With fuel prices going through the roof, there’s never been a better time to invest. They are quiet, fast and they are the future!” he adds.

For those who do not own an EV, the installation of an EV charging system still might be something for you to consider, especially if you intend to sell your home. “There has been a massive uptake of electric vehicles in Australia, so installing a home EV charger can now add value to your property,” Iannelli says. Having an existing EV charger already installed will take the guesswork out for potential buyers and help to make their decision easier. “Whilst EV owners can feel overwhelmed at the options available for home charging solutions, having a charger already at a potential new home may remove this stress for a potential new owner, it could even be a make or break,” Iannelli says.


You may be thinking the installation of an EV charger at home is too complicated, but Iannelli highlights this is not the case when it comes to Tufflift’s EV chargers. “With the Zappi, it’s super simple. Some home charging solutions require a lot of external protection and electrical works. The Zappi has all of its protection built in, so it’s as simple as running the supply to your desired location, installing the charger on a dedicated circuit breaker, and away you go,” he explains, adding, “The chargers themselves are very space-efficient and have cable-management in mind.”

For first-time buyers who are unsure what way to go, Zappi EV chargers are a straightforward, complete solution. Zappi’s solar power feature gives it another sustainable edge, drawing power directly from the sun and not from your wallet. If you are new to at-home EV chargers, Iannelli says this: “Obviously we are biased, but get yourself a Zappi! Chances are if you’re buying an electric vehicle, you’ve already considered installing solar panels on your home.

If you’re investing in your future by purchasing an EV, invest in the time and convenience of a home charging station; there isn’t a better option than the Zappi.”


With such a big change, it’s no surprise that many people fear the unknown and what can go wrong. “Lots of people are worried about installing something as power intensive as a home EV charger, both in terms of electricity bills and potentially tripping the main switch,” Iannelli says. “The Zappi alleviates both concerns; we’ve got solar charging as standard, no extra equipment or subscriptions required, so you can charge completely free, directly from your roof,” he adds. Powering your car directly from the sun, what’s not to love about that?

“The Zappi also has built-in dynamic load management, which is a short way of saying that the Zappi is smart enough to see how much power your property is currently drawing and adjust its charge rate as appliances come on and off, to make sure that you never trip your main switch,” Iannelli explains. For a stress-free installation process, Tufflift recommends Electrx, the skilled electricians responsible for the wiring of the EV chargers pictured.

With sustainability, cost-efficiency and simplicity at the forefront, it’s not hard to see why so many people are turning to electric vehicles and installing EV chargers in their own homes. There’s no time like the present to make the switch and reduce your carbon footprint, all while keeping hard-earned money in your wallet, or as Iannelli puts it: “There’s never been a better time to drive on sunshine!”

Images courtesy of Tufflift

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