Glass balustrades and glass fences really work to provide security and safety, as well as offering the least possible interruption to available views.

Equipped with the brilliant MERGELOCK™ bolt-free, bracket-fastening system, the balustrades from Glass Balustrade Installation stand out from the rest in their industry. When you first glance at the product, it would be easy to not fully appreciate the clever simplicity. T he brilliance is inside every MERGELOCK™ bolt-free bracket.

It clamps down hard on the glass as the two main pieces of the clamp fit together, in position, on the glass. There is no need for further fastening, as the clamp itself is the fastening device. Nothing can loosen once it is installed by the professional team at Glass Balustrade Installation.

Balustrades from Glass Balustrades Installation are framed with a non-obstructive, slim-lined railing, which sits at the top of the glass panels. All these qualities and so much more are testament to the quality and durability of the balustrades at Glass Balustrade Installation. They are simple, strong, safe and elegant.