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Fresher, Healthier Kitchen Air

Nov 25, 2020 | Industry News

When was the last time you cleaned your rangehood? It might be the most understated appliance in your kitchen, and when it does its job correctly, it is hardly noticeable. However, left unchecked, you could start a fire in the kitchen.

When a rangehood is doing its job well, trapped grease will collect in the filters over time. If left uncleaned for too long, the rangehood not only threatens the fire-safety of your kitchen, but the hygiene of the food you prepare.

As the motor struggles to extract air through clogged filters, unmaintained rangehoods degrade in performance and
longevity. The grease from congested rangehoods clogs the extraction filters and allows grease to drip back onto your cooktop, or even start a grease fire.

Aware of this safety hazard, kitchen rangehood specialist Schweigen is pleased to release The Ultimate Rangehood
Care & Cleaning Guide – a step-by-step guide on rangehood upkeep, including best operation procedures, cleaning and maintenance for the health and safety of homeowners.

As rangehood filters require maintenance every three to six weeks, Schweigen’s guide provides simple steps to keep
rangehoods in tip-top condition, and the air in your kitchen fresher and healthier for longer. The guide details a cleaning method that includes removing filters from the rangehood and soaking them in hot water before using a soft brush to clean them and wipe dry, before placing the filters back into your rangehood.

With the company’s expert knowledge and procedures, Schweigen explains each step of cleaning and maintenance to avoid any possible hazards to you and your family. To read the complete guide, visit Schweigen’s website.