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Framing the Way to a Greener Future

May 6, 2024 | Industry News

Famous for its unpredictable, topsy-turvy weather, Victoria has a climate like no other. In recent years, the state has experienced extreme events – flooding and heatwaves resulting in bushfires. Unfortunately, these climate change events are predicted to become even more intense and destructive over the coming decades due to past and present greenhouse emissions. With many of us heating our homes through a long, cold winter and cooling them over the warm summer, many older houses were built with no insulation, causing high energy bills and a very poor energy rating. However, recently there has a been a significant shift towards healthier, safer and high performing products of which homeowners are becoming increasingly aware.

Kommerling, a German manufacturing company, is renowned for creating sustainable, high-quality window and door frames and is represented in 119 countries with 29 manufacturing sites across the globe. With more than 125 years of experience, Kommerling is the expert when it comes to creating products that are ideal for ever-changing climates and Victorian homes. The company’s products feature: thermal insulation, sound insulation, a range of colours and styles and an AU certification. The products are proudly made from 100 percent recycled uPCV that is known for its durability and have been installed in numerous Victorian Passivhaus homes. The company’s moto is ‘Today for Tomorrow’, meaning that what they are designing for today creates a better future for tomorrow in all aspects, including creating healthier practises that protect our planet while providing the highest quality of products and services.

In support of Australian architects, builders and homeowners, Kommerling is soon to be launching new digital tools and software that will save time, costs and deliver high-end features.