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There is an ever-increasing desire among modern homeowners for weatherboard façades. However, the constant maintenance and typically high costs involved in maintaining a timber home can make it seem less appealing.

Formplex uPVC weatherboard cladding is the perfect solution when it comes to achieving the traditional look of a weatherboard home without the demanding upkeep.

Designed and made in Australia, all Formplex uPVC weatherboard cladding is tested to ensure it can withstand the country’s harshest weather conditions. The outstanding product meets all Australian building standards and comes with a 50-year guarantee. It’s sure to outlast all other cladding and siding materials, while adapting the beloved qualities of traditional timber weatherboard to suit modern living.

Gaining popularity around the world for its outstanding performance, uPVC is the perfect lightweight material for external cladding. Also known for providing the highest level of thermal comfort, the product is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Formplex uPVC weatherboard cladding is an easy, economical and efficient way to give your home the facelift it needs. Its simple interlocking panels are installed over your existing façade, so there’s no need for intrusive demolition work. Better yet, the panels can also be fitted horizontally or vertically for a variation on the traditional design.

You’ll never have to repaint your façade again when investing in Formplex uPVC weatherboard cladding. The product is rot, fade, blister and flake resistant, which offers you peace of mind. Available in a range of colours that are specifically designed to reflect heat, including shades of grey, green and beige, all uPVC cladding is expected to hold its UV stability throughout its life.

Not only will this form of cladding help to insulate your home, but it will also provide energy savings over time by controlling the infiltration of weather elements and the egress of water vapour, all while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Established by Keith Murphy in 1981, Formplex has provided Australian homes with maintenance-free weatherboard cladding for almost 40 years. Regardless of whether you’re building a new home, refurbishing your existing property, adding an extension, or just wanting to enhance the street appeal of your façade, Formplex has the right board for you.

The company’s team of passionate staff are consistently going above and beyond for their clients to ensure they achieve their dream home. With a dedicated building department to work alongside your construction team, Formplex can quote directly from your plans.

With Formplex your design is only limited by your imagination. Call the team today or visit the website for more information on its premium uPVC weatherboard cladding today!



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