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Image Credit: Tufflift

For Those Tougher Lifts


If you’re a car enthusiast or mechanical hobbyist, you understand the time and dedication required to modify or fix treasured vehicles. Often, you’re spending hours upon hours on your back or hunched over the engine, pouring your care and attention into what you love doing. The results can be rewarding and absolutely worth the labour, but staying in these awkward positions for extended periods can take its toll on your body. Thankfully, there’s a solution. Melbourne Home Design + Living’s Robin Harper chats with David Potter, director of Tufflift, to unlock the ways in which this company’s innovative products can make car repairs and modifications a more comfortable experience.

Supplying to warehouse and in-house service technicians for more than 25 years, Tufflift is a leading manufacturer and importer of car servicing equipment that specialises particularly in car hoists. For the uninitiated, a car hoist is a tool used to raise vehicles off the floor to allow for more storage space and access underneath the vehicle. Those who collect cars can use a car hoist to stack their collection, freeing up more room in a garage or warehouse. Alternatively, hobbyists who enjoy fixing or modifying cars can use a car hoist to get to those hard-to-reach areas underneath the vehicle, putting less tension on tender areas like the back and neck. Tufflift’s A-grade products are also ideal for warehouse use and have been supplying car hoists to certified mechanics and businesses from around Australia since the company’s inception.

Suspended Space

Understanding the currency of one’s own space, Tufflift supplies quality car hoists that allow for double and even triple stacking. This can be a gamechanger for some, whether it be for a collector needing more room for their cherished vehicles or car mechanics taking on more than they bargained for. “Parking hoists are a great solution to save space in your garage, or warehouse, whilst being able to store more vehicles,” Potter reassures.

In an ideal world, car hoists could be suited to every enthusiast’s garage. However, as Potter pointed out, several factors need to be taken into consideration to determine whether Tufflift’s car hoists are suitable for your particular circumstances. Namely, “the facility size, height and concrete thickness”. This is to ensure that the installation of these products are meeting regulatory safety standards and aren’t taking any unnecessary risks when it comes to you and your valued vehicles.

If you are currently in the process of designing your dream home, or are in the market for pre-existing homes, Potter says that now “is the perfect time to discuss your requirements with Tufflift. Our team are available to assist you and your architect in providing specifications and technical support.” For many, the garage is a space that is often overlooked by homeowners. Planning ahead and ensuring that your garage accommodates for your personal vehicles, especially if you hold your cars close to your heart, is a must.

Ahead of the Competition

With so many suppliers flooding the market, it can be difficult for consumers to decide which businesses they can trust with products worth a high price tags. With Tufflift, you’re in good hands. Potter asserts that “when purchasing a hoist from Tufflift, all products are certified to Australian standards and, where applicable, have Worksafe design registrations.” With Tufflift, there’s no such thing as products held together with dental floss and sticky tape; these products are made to last the long haul – no cutting corners, no compromises on quality.

Once you purchase a Tufflift product, the service doesn’t end once you leave the showroom, as can often be the case when buying from some suppliers. It’s not enough to do the bare minimum, and as a premium customer, you only deserve the best. According to Potter, “Tufflift’s hoists come with full parts and labour warranty, in-house technical teams and a large range of spare parts with national distribution and warehousing.” With these benefits, it’s clear that Tufflift insists on providing its customers with the optimal care they deserve.

What’ve You Got?

Once it’s determined that your space is suitable for Tufflift’s car hoists, the next step is getting the right specifications and planning where your car hoist will go. According to Potter, Tufflift’s range includes: “two-post hoists, four-post hoists, Scissor lifts and general workshop equipment and diagnostic tools. We [Tufflift] also offer a range of accessories and spare parts for your hoist,” he says. With such a broad and impressive range of products on offer, you’re sure to find that perfect something to complete your garage or warehouse space.

Installation of car hoists can cause a headache. They’re designed to lift cars off the ground, after all. To achieve such a feat requires something sturdy and unmoveable. However, Tufflift is there to help to ensure an easy and smooth installation process. “All hoists purchased through Tufflift come with comprehensive installation manuals to guide you through the installation process,” says Potter. “Installation of a car hoist should be conducted by a suitably skilled installer or tradesperson to ensure that they are safely installed. As many components are heavy, lifting equipment would be recommended. Tufflift’s technical teams are always available to assist and provide support.”

Striving to keep customers happy and content, Tufflift offers the best customer care on the market. Whether it be before, during or after a purchase, Tufflift is there to help. Potter’s final endorsement was that “when calling Tufflift, we make buying a hoist easy. One phone call and we can assist with product selection, delivery and installation Australia-wide if required.” It also offers in-house resources to maintain their products for longevity, just to sweeten the deal. If you’re thinking of expanding your garage or warehouse to optimise the
space, Tufflift is guaranteed to have products perfect
for you.

Image Credit: Tufflift
Image Credit: Tufflift
Image Credits: Tufflift