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Settled upon an incline in contemporary suburbia, this barn-inspired home marries materials and textures to create a high standard in residential living. Guided to the front door by manicured landscaping, you are greeted by a wooden entrance varnished in a deep, reddish hue that contrasts to the house’s monochromatic façade. Home security has been set up and installed along with a Ring doorbell, offering homeowners essential reassurances.

Accessed through a private drive down the side of the house is where homeowners can access the garage. The purposeful layout of this addition means that they are able to come and go from the residence without the delay of traffic to consider.

While many aesthetic elements that are reflected in the house’s exterior take after modern homes before it, the team at Evve Group took these elements and made it into a wholly unique and interesting countenance. Undoubtedly, the team put their best foot forward to create something truly special with this project.

With a combined total of 30 years’ experience in the industry, the directors of Evve Group pursued their dream of creating a reputable construction company that could be trusted to deliver quality finishes. Strengthened by the inclusion of a carpentry crew and civil engineers, the Evve Group team exercises a level of integrity and professionalism that affords clients the reassurance they need. The team also has a background in design and project management, giving them that extra edge above the competition.

Whether confronted with complex or difficult projects, Evve Group is guaranteed to rise to the challenge and face things head-on. The diverse construction experience that all three of Evve Group’s directors bring to the table means that each project they take on is made to be unique and stand out. If you’re in the market for builders who care about creating home that made to last you for years to come, give Evve Group a call today.


Evve Group

Tel: (03) 7067 7579
Email: info@evvegroup.com.au
Website: www.evvegroup.com.au