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Ducting, Reinvented

Jul 19, 2022 | Industry News

Engineered to enhance the health and safety of your home, Schweigen Steelflex™ is the ultra-strong, flexible and high-performance safety duct that the team at Schweigen is thrilled to introduce to the market, with the impressive product now coming as a standard addition to all Schweigen Silent Rangehoods. Offering unbeatable value, safety, longevity and performance, Steelflex™ is made from Shirikon Firemesh – a tri-layer, tear-resistant and UV treated sleeve that has been specifically engineered to enhance the safety of your home at its very heart – the kitchen.

The Schweigen Steelflex™ is anti-microbial treated, thermally insulated and acoustically dampened. As well as being fireproof, pest and crush-proof, the Steelflex™ safety ducting has a treated surface that prevents the build-up of grease and bacteria. Being independently tested, all Schweigen Steelflex™ products offer ample strength and safety to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial and commercial HVAC applications.

Silent yet powerful air extraction where you cook could not be more important, and this brilliant ducting addition to Schweigen’s Silent Rangehoods takes superior performance and safety to new heights. Powered by the German-made Isodrive® Motor System, silent performance really is at the forefront of each one of Schweigen’s appliances, and the ever-brilliant Steelflex™ further bolsters the brand’s reputation with its industrial strength, low resonance and lifetime warranty – it’s truly the investment that continues to give.

For more information about this impressive product and how it can enhance your cooking experience, visit the Schweigen website below