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Dorigine Fine Art Fabrics

Discover Dorigine Fine Art Fabric’s collection of beautifully handcrafted fabrics for cushion covers, window dressing, bed runners,roller blinds, drapes, home textiles, upholstery and more.

Roller blinds are the most popular selling blind options.  Choose from a dual roller blind system, a single block out roller blind, fully cassetted roller blinds, lace and sheer roller blinds or a translucent roller blind.

Curtains and drapes have the ability to dramatically transform a room. Impressive as they are, they also provide insulation and have excellent block out qualities. Curtains and Drapes will create an atmosphere of height to any given sized room. Team them with swags, tails, pelmets and tie backs for a timeless look.

Dorigine will custom make your curtains, drapes and/or sheers. Select from the company’s endless choice of fabrics and create either a contemporary modern look or a traditional and classical design.

Dorigine supplies the interior textile market with finished goods in home accessories, including cushions, bolsters, throws and table runners.

The addition of a highly skilled design and production team meets the high grade demand of textiles for hotels and residential homes. Dorigine offers fabrics for domestic and commercial markets. Dorigine is able to meet the requirements specifications for fabric protection and durability.

The company’s automatic and intelligent guide rail and assembly workshop is capable of shell material laser cutting. Dorigine has custom computerised embroidery equipment as well as a team of sophisticated technical personnel, whom are able to design and produce various styles of artistic embroideries based on demands.


Dorigine Fine Art Fabrics

74 Johnston St
Tel: (03) 9191 1469
Email: sales@dorigine.com.co
Website: www.dorigine.com.au