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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

Designing Destiny


Gentle brilliance is at the very heart of this welcoming contemporary abode. From the muted colour scheme to the carefully selected materials that were incorporated for an overall cohesive and charming presentation. The furnishing lovingly complements the oak marble floors and white walls. Sheer, wispy curtains were used for the communal areas, softening the natural that seeps in through the wide, open windows. All this was made possible by an expert collaborative designed by Archified. Here, the editor for Melbourne Home Design + Living, Robin Harper, sits down with the lucky homeowners of this dazzling abode to walk them through the planning and design process that brought their dream home to life.

Paul Demirtzoglou and Rebecca Guarnieri are engaged and living happily in the luxury and comfort of this masterfully created home. Demirtzoglou has worked as a lawyer in the property and construction industry for six years, while Guarnieri has been working for the Department of Justice since 2017. Together, they walk us through the process of what it was like to embark on this architectural journey alongside the guiding hand of Archified, a company dedicated to delivering custom home designs that cater to the needs of each client.

RH: What made you choose Archified?

PD + RG: We chose to work with Archified because of the similarities that existed between us on both a work-style approach and design preference. Michael’s accommodating, passionate and easy-going approach to work, combined with his affinity for simple yet effective design allowed great synergies and an effective relationship to emerge.

What design brief did you provide Archified?

PD + RG: The design brief provided was box-modernism for the dwelling’s exterior and a combination of minimal, contemporary and Scandinavian design elements for the interior.

What inspirations did you draw upon and implement into the design?

PD + RG: Different inspirations were drawn upon and implemented into the exterior and interior design. The exterior façade drew upon local, urban architecture whereases the interior elements were inspired by coastal and offshore styles.

How did Archified help you through the design stage?

PD + RG: Archified helped throughout the design stage by providing an abundance of advice and input, being patient with plan revision requests and effectively incorporating design elements we desired in the final product.

What challenges did you face during the planning process?

PD + RG: The two main challenges faced during the planning process included the encumbrance of a brick covenant on title, along with irregular land shape on which the dwelling would be situated, given it was at the end of a court bowl. These challenges required the careful selection of brick type as it would become the main feature of the façade, and a thoughtful floorplan design as Council required a street-facing orientation but the remainder

of the dwelling had to follow the land shape to most effectively utilise internal space.

Are you happy with the end result and were there any design elements that you appreciate after the fact?

PD + RG: We are extremely happy with the end result. The specific design element we appreciate after the fact was the Daniel Robertson Overland bricks in Cradle/ Pristine finish (a big risk at the time), the brushed nickel bathroom fixtures from ABI Interiors and the VJ wall panelling throughout.

How did you find working with Archified overall?

PD + RG: We found working with Archified to be a very easy, personable, enjoyable and co-operating process for the entirety of the design process – from planning stage to final project delivery. Overall, it was genuinely a seamless process.

Would you recommend Archified to readers?

PD + RG: We would definitely recommend Archified to readers and we will continue to personally use Michael and his team for subsequent projects moving forward.

Styling by Vasi
Construction by Oaklake Homes

Photography by Emily Bartlett Photography