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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

Providing a tranquil retreat for the eco-conscious owners, sustainable prefabricated architecture specialist Archiblox has created a home of exceptional site sensitivity in the idyllic South Gippsland township of Fish Creek, writes Georgia Jordan.

For many city workers, the prospect of stealing away to a woodland oasis in the countryside after a long day in the office is a common fantasy. Working in collaboration with sustainable modular architecture company Archiblox, Prom Country couple Simone and Dave have made this dream a reality.

Bearing all the earmarks of contemporary eco-friendly design and construction, the new Fish Creek dwelling needed to foster a meaningful reconnection with nature. With a desire to minimise their carbon footprint, Simone and Dave wanted the structure to be environmentally sensitive in

the short and long term, with a permaculture-inspired garden in which to cultivate their own edible ecosystem.

The three-bedroom home comprises two modules, one for living and the other sleeping. Oriented north-west to provide protection from the prevailing south-westerlies, the sleeping module features a skylight in the main bedroom for natural daylight and magical views of the night sky. Cavity sliders join the two modules to retain heat in winter, save power, and minimise noise travel.

Glazed walls were used in the living module to achieve picturesque views of the paddocks and sea, while raked ceilings and highlight windows enhance the bright and open interior feel. Strategic eaves and awnings were installed to block out harsh summer rays.

Designed to achieve maximum enjoyment of the property, the home delivers amazing views of the sunrise and moonlit waters. In their spare time, the owners can enjoy a luxurious outdoor bath on the rear deck, surrounded by the tranquil brush.

As a perfect example of Archiblox’s sustainable building methods, the CO2 emissions saved from the solar photovoltaic (PV) system over a three month period equate to the planting of eight new trees. The self-sufficient design includes two rainwater tanks, a septic tank, a wood burner for winter and mindfully placed operable windows and doors for cross-ventilation in the warmer months.

“We believe we can create a platform for a better life and [a more] authentic way of living,” says Archiblox director Bill McCorkell. “Our philosophy

centres on refining a house of ultimate sustainability and innovative thinking for smarter homes [sensitive to] the Australian climate, mindfully designed and built for less impact on our planet and for your pocket. We believe great design shouldn’t be a privilege, but a pleasure for everyone to enjoy.”

Of their new rural sanctuary, Simone and Dave say, “[It’s] truly unique, and is inspiring us to live off the land. It recharges the family, brings us closer together and with nature. There is also a huge sense of community here and that’s been missing for us in the city. David has also been working towards keeping the family fully [stocked] in vegetables, and has installed eight garden beds. He grows it, I cook it! What we can’t grow, we source locally and there is an array of local produce to choose from.”

With all the luxuries and aesthetic prowess of a high-end urban abode, Archiblox’s Fish Creek project beautifully demonstrates how innovative and sustainable design practices can be used to facilitate a more mindful, peaceful and enjoyable way of living.

Images courtesy of Archiblox