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Compact Lifts Melbourne

Compact Home Lifts is a leading home elevator specialist in Australia. It’s residential lifts range has been specifically designed to fit in the home. The Compact home lift range includes the Compact Classic Home Lift and Compact Plus Home Lift which is big and wide enough to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair.

This home elevator is unique as it does not use hydraulic equipment or require a structural wall. It is powered by an internal drive system and travels on self-supporting twin tails, plugging into a normal AC system. This makes it very energy efficient and very economical.

Compact Home Lifts offer homeowners an ideal alternative to a stairlift or walking frame or hydraulic home elevator. This type of lift is also popular with customers who are looking for an easier way to get between floors. Home elevators are also great for carrying heavy and awkward items.

Lifts can be installed as a typical retrofit in a downstairs room, hall or lounge or a void of the stairwell, a cupboard to cupboard solution, a thru car configuration which make it possible for the user to enter on one of the lift on ground level and leave from the other side on the first floor. The home lift can also be installed in a garage.

Because of its smart technology and features, our Compact Home Lifts team can install one of our lifts in any two-storey Australian home within a day.


Compact Lifts Melbourne

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Tel: 1800 498 827
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