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Cocolea Furniture

Luxury living at it’s finest, extravagant with a touch of class, leather and elegant metals timelessly redefined.

Cocolea Furniture specialises in luxury, industrial, aviator and custom-made furniture.

If you’re not familiar with the aviator look, think striking, elegant highly polished metals; aluminium, copper and brass combined with luxurious aged leathers ‘Gatsby’ style. The aviator look is definitely unique, a blend of styles that combine rustic industrial touches with a unique luxurious statement finish.

Deviating from the typical aluminium seen in this style, Cocolea has introduced an ultra luxurious copper and brass range with a stand out being some of the vintage white leather and polished brass that elegantly wraps the lounges, chairs and stools. Regardless of your chosen metal or leather, Cocolea’s passion for handcrafted premium handmade furniture is evident throughout our entire range.

Another unique area is Cocolea’s customisation service and the sourcing of propeller art for clients. Complete customisation of furniture allows buyers to have a unique piece they have always envisioned come to life, tailor made to their specific requirements. The propeller art service specialises in sourcing propellers from around the world in line with the customers request on size, type and finish of Propeller allowing buyers to own a piece of art which tells its own unique story.

A range of the art and the stunning furniture can be found in Cocolea’s new showroom in Melbourne’s Yarraville, which is fit-out in keeping with an industrial style with stunning effect. To complete the Cocolea experience we also offer a comprehensive leather care range and an in-house interior design service MASSIMO Interiors.


Cocolea Furniture

Unit 37 & 38/131 Hyde Street
Tel: 1800 855 665
Email: info@cocolea.com.au
Website: www.cocolea.com.au