When you think of interior design, the name Tony Cardamone comes immediately to mind. Tony has made a recognisable impact on the industry during the thirty-plus years that he has been running his own interior design business in Melbourne. This has earned him an impeccable reputation.

Tony’s no-nonsense approach is legendary, along with his innate ability to create a contemporary look in a traditional interior. He is the master of the eclectic room scheme. Renowned as much more than a decorator, Tony will accept an all-inclusive brief from a client, working with his professional team to create stunning yet very workable interiors, practical kitchen and bathroom areas which ooze great style, and beautiful yet functional garden, terrace and courtyard designs.

Tony remains focused and dedicated to exquisite fabrics and rich wallpaper, all of which are available at his showroom, as well as luxurious upholstered furniture, sumptuous window furnishings and stylish designer accessories. If you are looking for something different, Tony has it all under the one roof. He is hands on at all times, gently guiding his clients in the creation of their perfect dream home. It’s no surprise that they call him the “designer’s designer.”