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Image Credit: McPhails Furniture

Bundle Up


With a unique and innovative business model, McPhails Furniture has hit the market by storm and in just a few short years has become a go-to for many Australians looking to uplift their interiors to suit the latest trends. Here, Melbourne Home Design + Living’s Katie Livingston talks upcoming winter trends with the company’s esteemed director, Taylor McPhail, and delves into the styles and collections that are stealing the limelight in 2023.

A strong passion and understanding for interior styling runs in the McPhail family and McPhails Furniture dates back to 1969, when Taylor McPhail’s father, Keith McPhail, saw an opportunity to break into the furniture industry. “Dad was a fourth generation farmer who wanted to make his own mark on the world,” McPhail says. “After becoming a promising stock agent and the youngest branch manager for Victorian Producer in Finley, he changed direction and bought a removals business in Wangaratta with our mum, Bev,” he explains.

From there, McPhail reveals that many of his father’s clients would leave behind good quality furniture when they moved, and his father started storing it in a warehouse to sell at auctions. “Dad started attending weekly auctions and adding some new furniture into the existing business and in 1969 McPhails Furniture was born. Now some of the furniture is sourced from overseas and other pieces designed by the McPhails team,” he says. Taylor McPhail’s brother, Casey, joined the business in 1995, followed by their older brother, Jason, who stepped in after their father tragically passed away from cancer. Taylor McPhail himself also inherited his father’s keen eye for the furniture business, and joined the company in 2014, after he had completed a double-degree in commerce and law. Jason McPhail has since stepped out to pursue his own goals, and the company is helmed by the two remaining brothers and their partners, who coincidentally share the same names: Kacey and Tayla. Now, this prominent family business has solidified its place as one of the country’s go-to suppliers for on trend furniture.

Back to the Future

This season, McPhail says that the trend for a rustic interior is definitely here to stay, and this cosy aesthetic has remained a constant favourite throughout the decades. Hampton-inspired pieces are another trend that McPhail coins as being a key player in the interiors of 2023, “We have seen these trends carry on year after year, rustic and Hamptons styles are both timeless and not something we think will go out of fashion soon,” he says.

Warm, earthy tones are in vogue this winter, and for good reason! These palettes create a truly cosy feel in a home, and the natural, organic appearance of these colours allows them to work harmoniously with almost any interior. “We are finding warmer colours are becoming more and more popular, such as brown leather and tan fabrics,” McPhail says. “We offer a fabric called ‘leather air’, which is soft to the touch but durable like leather that has [also] been very popular,” he adds.

Skip the Queue

While incredibly rewarding, updating a tired interior or setting up your brand-new home can be an exhausting and time-consuming process, particularly if you’re heading back and forth from furniture showrooms and then waiting months for delivery, sensing this need in the industry the team at McPhails Furniture took it upon themselves to improve this service. “When lockdown hit our business was struggling,” McPhail says. “However, through many contacts, we reinvented the business. We started to heavily use social media, especially Facebook, while also changing the business model to be a delivery business.” Now, McPhails furniture promises delivery within two weeks, and offers a flat delivery fee of $59, which McPhail coins as a game changer for the company.

Alleviating some of the work involved in furnishing your home makes room for you to spend more time planning and deciding on the styling of your space, particularly if you’re looking to create an aesthetic that will endure beyond the winter of 2023. Again, this is where the timeless beauty of the aforementioned rustic and Hamptons style pieces comes in, as these trends are sure to be making waves both this season and next.

The Suite Life

To achieve these looks, McPhail suggests opting for pieces with a more relaxed and cosy style. He notes that he has seen a huge rise in ‘imperfect’ living spaces, with neutral tones and timber for a more organic feel. For this look, one of McPhails Furniture’s most popular ranges, the Lockhart, is the perfect complement.

“This product is crafted from recycled materials, including metal, timber and hardware. Meaning that each piece is unique and no two the same,” says McPhail. If Hamptons is more your direction, then our expert suggests looking to the Beverly collection for inspiration, as this “deep-seated, rolled arm design is made for comfort and perfectly suited to those Hamptons style homes,” he adds.

Continuing this theme of plush comfort, McPhail notes that upholstered bedheads are striding back into popularity, alongside moody bedroom feature walls and coloured bed linen. To maintain a that sense of warmth in your home, particularly as we head into the cooler months, McPhail suggests adding floor rugs to your interior. These “are a great way to warm up a space without overcrowding an area. Changing your throw rugs and cushions to warmer tones will also help make the space feel more cosy and inviting,” he says. If you home has an open-layout, then McPhail explains that while “open-plan living areas can sometimes be tricky to style, we recommend creating cohesion by keeping a common colour palette throughout and using similar styled furniture in both areas. If you have the same flooring throughout, we recommend using a large rug under the lounge suit to zone the living area,” he says.

Regardless of the colours and pieces that are in vogue, the ultimate philosophy to abide by when styling your home is ensuring that you create a space the feels truly your own, and as McPhail puts it, “there is no right or wrong way to style your home, so as long as it’s filled with pieces you love, we believe it is styled perfectly.” Trends are an indication of what is popular, but there is no reason why you can’t set the style yourself, and maybe your interior will even spark a new trend for 2024.

Images courtesy of McPhails Furniture

Image Credits: McPhails Furniture