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Broadening The Horizons

Dec 15, 2021 | Industry News

Well-known in Mornington Peninsula as a high-end build specialist, GSTRUCT GROUP is now starting to branch out to other areas around Melbourne, specifically in the inner-south-eastern suburbs. Since its inception, the GSTRUCT team has been privileged to partner with many homeowners, architects and designers to create high-end custom builds of exceptional quality on the Mornington Peninsula, but is now looking to add suburbs like Toorak, St Kilda and Malvern to the list.

Before establishing GSTRUCT GROUP, company director Glenn Longstaff garnered a strong build portfolio in Melbourne, particularly in areas such as Toorak. Now with a company that’s based in Mornington Peninsula, Longstaff has primarily worked within this area, however the ever-growing rise in demand, along with previous connections and relationships, continue to draw him back into the city. The company is gradually extending its locations to cater for this shift.

This is fantastic news for Melburnians interested in GSTRCUT GROUP’s incredible work, which will be tailored to the more compact lots and urban aesthetics that these inner-city areas offer. The company has already locked in a project on St Georges Road, Toorak, an exciting first step to re-entering the city scene. It will feature the same level of quality in design and construction that GSTRUCT GROUP has provided along the south-east coast.

The company has grown since its establishment in 2013, and this growth is what has allowed Longstaff and his team to broaden their range and build in a larger number of locations. The last eighteen months have been a particularly vital time, as GSTRUCT GROUP has been working on improving its systems and processes.

For a bespoke, high-end build, contact the team and discuss your vision, whether your project is out in the peninsula or near Melbourne’s inner-city hustle and bustle.