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APC Build

Bespoke is a way of living and working at APC Build. APC Build was established in October 2010 and is a continuation of Advanced Property Construction, a family run business consisting of three generations of building professionals. The company builds bespoke homes and multi-residency projects as well as undertaking major renovations and extensions. APC Build offers a design and construct concept service or fixed price tender service. APC Build’s operations are geared around listening, understanding and bringing to life the visions of designers and architects and working in partnership with each owner to create unique buildings. APC Build is a bespoke builder in the way it thinks and the way it operates in all phases from design to completion. Above all, bespoke in the sense that for the company, each building is personal. APC Build holds itself to the highest standards of trust, integrity and passion.

APC Build is proud of its family heritage as craftsmen because it adds value to what the company does and what its stands for as people and builders. APC Build has the resources and depth of experience to add value to any project. APC Build has the discipline to stay within budget, work to agreed timelines and incorporate changes. APC Build isn’t just building houses – APC Build is building a reputation. The team members are willing to undertake challenges – whether they be structural, different materials or advanced building techniques. APC Build is in touch with trends, innovations and the best in contemporary architecture. The company has a passion for details and the unmistakable look and feel of fine craftsmanship. Over the years, APC Build has found that the best results are achieved when people work in partnership through all phases of construction. So the company places a high value on personal connections. APC Build wants its homes to impact the lives of its customers far beyond the everyday.


APC Build

186 Buckhurst Street
South Melbourne
Tel: (03) 9645 9000
Email: hello@apcbuild.com.au

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