The AHT Electrical Underfloor Heating system is based on a unique Amorphous Metal Ribbon heating technology, has significant advantages over any other type of underfloor heating system. It is significantly more effective than conventional crystalline heating electrical wire, due to the nature of it’s flat metal ribbon and in turn heats the floor quicker, even though it has a very low profile compared to wired mats.

•    IT fits directly under all types of floor covering
•    IT reaches working temperatures faster than other systems
•    IT generates more consistent heat
•    IT is less costly and more economical to operate
•    IT has a low profile and superior flexibility
•    IT is extremely simple and easy to install
•    IT is perfectly safe from electrical shock hazards and electromagnetic radiation
•    IT is reliable and durable

Experience Wrap-Around Warmth: In every room, with any flooring – tile, stone, wood, laminate, parquet or carpeting. In the bathroom, kitchen, basement, workroom, study, living room or bedroom: you’ll be amazed at just how comfortable life can be.