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LouvreTec Melbourne

A Glass By The Grass


Nature can sometimes be unforgiving. Particularly in Melbourne, where winters are chilly and summers are sweltering, it can feel like there’s only a handful of months throughout the year that can be enjoyed outside without some form of discomfort. But what if there was a way for you to enjoy the beauty of outside while still enjoying the comforts of inside your home? Here, we will explore the trend of the ‘outside room’ and how it revolutionizes the way we interact with nature. This genius blend combining the functionality of spaces allows you to embrace the outside regardless of the weather. Editor of Melbourne Home Design + Living, Robin Harper, sits down with director of Louvretec Melbourne, Renee Gould, to discuss the innovative components of the outdoor room and how you can incorporate them into your outdoor living spaces.

Based in metro Melbourne, Louvretec is a familyowned business that provides and installs louvres. Thecompany’s goal is to create functional outdoor spaces that can be utilised all year round, whether it be for entertaining guests or kicking back and relaxing with a glass of wine. To achieve this, the company offers a range of products, such as retractable and opening roofs, sun louvre and shutters, mesh outdoor blinds and frameless sliding glass doors. These quality products provide adequate smart sun control solutions for both residential and commercial establishments. Digital 3D software is also on offer to help you visualise how Louvretec products can fit seamlessly into your outdoor environment, guaranteeing peak satisfaction and reassurance before deciding which products work best for you.


The benefits of having an outdoor room are abundant. Its customisability and adjustability mean that you can make your outdoor room something that’s entirely your own. Temperature and sun control are at your fingertips, and the louvres are designed to stop the elements from damaging any of your expensive outdoor furniture.

“An outdoor room allows you the flexibility to enjoy your outdoor space all year round,” says Gould. The main appeal of the outdoor room, in Gould’s opinion, is to “maximise the property’s usable space and add future value to your residence.” Usable space expands beyond the confines of the home itself, optimising the functionality of the outdoor space to ensure that it can be enjoyed, even when the elements aren’t so inviting.

This allows you to take advantage of outdoor areas that may otherwise be underutilised or underappreciated. Whether it’s a small balcony, patio or expansive backyard, an outdoor room can transform these spaces into functional and inviting areas.

If you’re looking to expand the functionality of your outside space, the outdoor room allows the freedom of multi-functionality. Through careful planning of the layout and selecting your add-on features carefully, you can create a variety of zones within the outdoor space. This means that some activities usually done inside can be invited outside, such as certain hobbies that may not be suited to the elements. For example, if hosting is what you love to do, then you have the freedom to hold dinner parties and gatherings whenever you please. With the outdoor room, you and your guests can enjoy themselves in this space in rain, hail or sunshine!

Depending on how your house is structured, the transition from indoor to outdoor space can be jarring, especially during summer or winter. The outdoor room offers seamless integration that allows a smoother transition into the elements as an extension of the existing architecture. By designing the outdoor space harmoniously with the indoor layout, a sense of flow and cohesion blurs the boundaries between the spaces, creating unified usability.

Lastly, the outdoor room has the flexibility to be applied to all types of residential lots, whether it’s a small urban balcony or an expansive suburban patio. Whatever you’re working with, outdoor rooms can be designed to maximise the potential of the space, taking into consideration factors such as the shape of the area, natural features and desired functionality.


Louvretec prides itself on being a market leader in outdoor entertainment. “We love designing within our clients’ budgets and design briefs,” Gould says. “We take care of all the design, permits and construction of our clients’ projects, big or small,” she continues.

The company’s sophisticated outdoor design technology is what make the outdoor room special. A stand-out feature for outdoor rooms, according to Gould, is the louvred roof. “It allows light to penetrate the room during winter while also allowing summer heat to dissipate,” she says. “Adding blinds and/or doors provides the option to keep the pests out, while still keeping the room ventilated during summer months,” she adds.

The louvres make up the foundations, but they aren’t all that Louvretec has to offer – despite what its name implies! “We can provide fans, heaters, provisions for fireplace flues and the like. We are also geared to work with your architect and building and designer to produce amazing results,” Gould says. The additional features that can be added to your outdoor room can elevate the function and comfort of these spaces through temperature control. Such a simple yet effective addition opens up a world of options for the functionality of the space. Entertaining guests in the winter can be a comfortable, toasty affair, and reclining on the lounge in the summer won’t have you baking like a steamed lobster.

If you’re interested in incorporating an outdoor room into your home, Gould invites you to come visit Louvretec: “Come in or call us for a friendly chat about your dream outdoor room.”

Images courtesy of Louvretec

LouvreTec Melbourne
LouvreTec Melbourne
LouvreTec Melbourne
Image Credits: LouvreTec Melbourne