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Undercover Blinds Awnings & Shade Systems




With a stunning outdoor design already in place, the homeowner approached Undercover Blinds Awnings & Shade Systems to add functionality to the area without compromising on its aesthetic beauty.

The glass roof covering the area provided little protection from the heat and harmful UV rays, making it virtually unusable during the warmer months. To overcome this, the company installed a single motorised system, which extends a synthetic fabric over the glass at the touch of a button.

The pitch of the roof however, presented a challenge because no system would work over such an angle. Undercover Blinds Awnings & Shade Systems custom-built and installed the brackets, creating a discrete and slimline design that fulfils the homeowners’ brief.

Specialising in sun and weather protection products, including alfresco enclosures, extendable awnings and a highquality range of external sun blinds, Undercover Blinds Awnings & Shade Systems will customise any system to suit your unique requirements.

The company also works extensively with commercial projects such as café and outdoor seating areas, as well as designing and constructing retractable roofs and walls so diners can enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Completing more than 1500 projects each year, Undercover Blinds Awnings & Shade Systems’ highly-trained staff will personally advise how to best enhance your property and create effective shade installations.

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