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The award winning Ceramic Light Engine is arguably the brightest underwater light on the market and represents an evolutionary leap forward in the development of pool and spa lighting technology. The Ceramic Light Engine consists of high intensity LEDs. It is distinguished from other LED lights because the LEDs are encased in a ceramic disc which is in turn bonded to a metal heat sink for efficient cooling.

The excellent heat dissipation properties of the Ceramic Light Engine enable the LEDs to ‘run harder’ than more conventional LED lights without overheating, enabling the LEDs to burn far more brightly than in regular LED lights. One Ceramic Light Engine has a greater light output than a 100 watt halogen and will provide a maximum light spread of up to 8-10m at 150° to 160°. All lights can be operated by a simple to use remote control. The remote control has been specifically designed by Spa Electrics LED light engineers, concentrating solely on the intelligence of the light.

The success of the Ceramic Light Engine has encouraged Spa Electrics to continue improving and developing the range. Spa Electrics has developed and just released the new Solid Colour Ceramic Light Engine. This latest innovation maintains the quality of the titan series but is almost half the price. The titan series is the LED Spa Electrics use for the top of the range Multi Colour Ceramic Light Engine. Therefore, the only difference between the two models is that the solid colour light has only one colour available and the multi colour light has ten.

The Multi Colour Ceramic Light Engine has been improved and is also available now. The multi colour light has been upgraded to ten different programs. The light comprises of eight fixed colours: blue, magenta, red, lime, green, aqua, cool white and the new warm white. However the most impressive modification is the addition of memory to the program. The Multi Colour Ceramic Light Engine will remember the colour it last displayed after it has been switched off, and when the user turns the light back on, it will return to the last displayed colour choice.