Procam Australia Pty Ltd

Procam Australia Pty Ltd
  • Address: 19 Ralston Avenue, Sunshine North
  • Phone: (03) 9312 6201
  • Mobile: 0418 340 189



Procam Australia Pty Ltd has built an exceptional reputation on delivering high-quality, Australian-made and -designed balustrading and stairways to homeowners. Travelling throughout Victoria, Procam Australia Pty Ltd caters to every client’s specific needs, providing the finishing touch to create a truly standout space – the project pictured above is a perfect example of the company’s prowess.

All products offered by Procam Australia Pty Ltd are designed by a specialised draftsperson in order to create highly-functional and structurally-sound balustrading that adheres to stringent Australian Standards. The company understands that safety is paramount to the enjoyment of your home, so it ensures its balustrading contains your choice of glass, with stainless steel posts or stainless steel wire railing, as well as framelessglass options.

Completing approximately 300 projects per year, Procam Australia Pty Ltd encompasses the knowledge and workmanship to tackle any project.