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Outdoor Heating



This slimline, aesthetically pleasing heating system by OutdoorHeating Systemsoffers the client convenience as well as functionality. The client wanted to be able to integrate a radiant heating system into the newly constructed retractable pergola system, which has successfully been achieved by OutdoorHeating Systems.

The project features narrow aluminium extruded design and custom made brackets, and is incredibly convenient, all the owner needs to do is press a switch and within 10 minutes they will be enjoying nice warmth from the heating panels.

OutdoorHeating Systems had to design the mounting brackets in such a way as to conceal any electrical connections, which posed a challenge, but was successfully overcome.

OutdoorHeating Systems specialise in commercial and residential infrared heating systems. They also supply and design heating systems for many gaming venues, hotels and restaurants.

Supplying products nationwide, OutdoorHeating Systems work on over 200 projects a year, and their experience guarantees you will be satisfied with your heating solution. They also have a range of Far Infrared Heaters suitable for central heating in residential homes.  


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